LL.M. Programs at St. John’s

LLMTLPTransnational Legal Practice (TLP) LL.M.

The LL.M. in Transnational Legal Practice (TLP) is designed to train foreign attorneys in the rapidly expanding cross-border practice of law, to educate global attorneys within the New York City legal community ― the center of global legal practice ― and to enhance non-native English speaking attorneys’ skills in practicing law in English, thelingua franca of the global legal profession.

  • Train foreign attorneys in the rapidly expanding cross-border practice of law.  All TLP students receive an in-depth education of transnational practice.  In addition to the capstone Transnational Legal Practice courses, our students take courses focusing on the increasing legal interconnectedness of the world.  In addition to learning the law in traditional lectures, TLP students learn the law by engaging in supervised simulations meant to mimic transnational practice.
  • Educate global attorneys within New York City.  TLP students benefit from St. John’s location in New York City.  Our TLP students are able to attend events focused on transnational practice at the New York City Bar Association, attend panels at major conferences like International Law Weekend, and visit the United Nations.  We also bring esteemed practitioners onto campus to provide real-world insight to our students.
  • Enhance non-native English speaking attorneys’ skills in practicing law in English.  The TLP program places a strong emphasis on communicating in legal English, and works with non-native English speakers to enhance these skills.  TLP students take specialized courses focused on legal research, writing, and analysis.  They also present during role play simulations and work on weekly writing assignments to improve their English.  Our students leave TLP with an enhanced ability to work in English.

American Law: Discourse & Analysis Program (ALDA)

St. John’s University School of Law offers a non-degree program, American Law: Discourse and Analysis Program (“ALDA”), which can be combined with a the TLP LLM program at St. John’s.   The program offers foreign-trained lawyers the opportunity to master the core principles and concepts of American law while deveoping proficiency in technical legal English.

The ALDA pathway enables students to begin their core LLM coursework with a professional level of proficiency in the language, cultural and analytical skills used in American law. The program teaches the key aspects of U.S. law (in particular constitutional structure, rights, and civil procedure) and the legal analysis skills (spoken and written) required for success in the LLM program.  Students who follow the formal ALDA pathway spend two years (4 semesters) completing the ALDA work and their LLM courses before completion of the LLM degree.

ALDA Courses
ALDA students take four classes each semester for a total of twelve (12) credit hours.  The four courses for each semester are:

  • Fall Semester
    • U.S. Legal System & Government. Introduces ALDA students to methods and ideas that are fundamental components of the American legal system,
    • Reading Legal Texts. Teaches students to read, analyze, brief and discuss court opinions as well as reading strategies for law school texts.
    • Legal Writing & Analysis. Teaches students the fundamentals of IRAC (Issue Rule Application Conclusion) discourse and analysis as well as the language of comparison and analogy in connection with precedent.
    • American Legal Practice & Culture. Exposes students to American legal culture through a focus on criminal law cases, statutes, and practice.
  • Spring Semester
    • American Law: Introduction & Analysis. Explores areas of Constitutional law and related fundamental legal concepts.
    • Legal Reading & Analysis. Teaches students to read, analyze, and discuss cases with an emphasis on Tort law.
    • Legal Writing & Communications. Teaches legal writing in connection with client communications and IRAC discourse with a focus on statutory analysis.
    • American Legal Practice & Skills. Gives students the opportunity to develop negotiation and other practical legal practice skills.

LLMEALSEnglish for American Law School (EALS) Summer Program

English for American Law School is an intensive four-week summer course designed for students entering St. John’s LL.M. programs who are not native English speakers.  The course’s aim is to familiarize these students with the U.S. legal system and its vocabulary, thereby enabling them to participate more effectively in their studies in the LL.M. Program.

LLMUSLSU.S. Legal Studies LL.M. (USLS)

The LL.M. in U.S. Legal Studies for Foreign Law School Graduates at St. John’s School of Law is a focused program of study tailored to give you the knowledge and skills you need to pass the New York Bar Exam and succeed in practice in this important jurisdiction. As a participant in the two-semester LL.M. in U.S. Legal Studies program, you will earn 24 credits, including:

  • Two credits of Introduction to U.S. Law
  • Five credits of U.S. Legal Analysis, Writing and Research
  • Three credits of Professional Responsibility

You will also earn fourteen credits taking courses in subjects covered on the New York Bar Exam, as well as other courses offered in the Law School’s J.D. program. We strongly recommend that all or most of these credits be taken in subjects tested on the New York Bar Exam. All LL.M. in U.S. Legal Studies classes are held at the Law School, situated on St. John’s University’s scenic and dynamic Queens campus. We offer classes during the day and in the evening, full-time and part-time, accommodating a variety of student schedules.


LLMBankruptcyBankruptcy LL.M.

Located in New York, the center of bankruptcy practice, St. John’s is at the center of bankruptcy education.  Our LL.M. in Bankruptcy degree program is the nation’s only LL.M. program devoted to bankruptcy law. This highly successful program offers a wide array of specialized bankruptcy courses taught by leading practitioners, judges and academics. Our graduates practice with top firms and clerk for influential judges throughout the country.  The LL.M. program is only one part of the nation’s most extensive bankruptcy program — a program that also includes the leading bankruptcy journal, the national bankruptcy moot court competition, and the national bankruptcy mediation training program.

The LL.M. in Bankruptcy degree program is intensive and rigorous. It requires the completion of 24 credits. The program combines academic rigor with a practice-oriented approach that is designed to produce bankruptcy attorneys with the skills, the ambition and the knowledge to become leaders in the insolvency field. Students are permitted to take the program full-time (one year) or part-time (two to three years), entering in either the fall or spring semesters.

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